Massimo Morante on guitar, mandolin, and bass
Claudio Simonetti on violin, organ, synthesizer, and keyboards
Agostino Marangolo on piano and percussion
Fabio Pignatelli on acoustic and electric basses

Where would Italian horror be without these guys and where would these guys be without Italian horror? Man, can they ever put a shiver and goose bumps into a movie like no one else.

In 1975 Goblin teamed up with Director Dario Argento for there first soundtrack, Deep Red (Profound Russo). This put them on the map with the soundtrack spending 12 consecutive weeks atop of Italy's hit-parade. They then went on to do the soundtrack for Suspiria. When Martin (Wyampire) and Patrick were released in Italy the distributors asked Goblin to provide an alternate score. Having been impressed by the score Goblin provided for his film Martin, George Romero and Dario Argento teamed up with them for Dawn of the Dead (Zombie). In 1982 Iron Maiden, Motorhead, and Goblin joined Argento again for Creepers (Phenomena) as well as Tenebrae.

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